Saber salute for the princess Carrie Fisher

Hands down (and sabers up,) this business would not be possible without the support of the incredible community that has been built around it over the years.  It's not always pretty, but in the end we are all united by a common thread.  I would like to take a moment and say thanks to the people who have inspired me, those who provide the essential components we all depend on and most of all the customers who continue to push all of us builders to make new and exciting things.  Below is a small list of those crucial people, there is no way I could thank everyone individually so let me just say a big all inclusive THANK YOU and May the force be with you all!!!


Tim Yaskus, The Custom Saber Shop

Erv Plecter, Plecterlabs

Scott Deboer, Naigon's Electronic Creations

Adrian Tan, Saber Essentials

Please don't be a stranger, if you haven't already come join us!  There's a whole universe of us out there and we are waiting.  Find us!

The Custom Saber Shop Forums

One of the oldest and best sources for saber knowledge in the galaxy.  Join and say hello, I'm Darth Leximus nice to meet you!

The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community

The largest collection of saber enthusiasts ever assembled and a great place to buy/sell/trade your saber collection.