Full length, full contact dueling European longsword influenced saber designed especially for the TSL fighter.

- 16" hilt with integrated rounded diamond tsuba.

- Dual hour glass tapered grip section with milled flat sides for indexing less than an inch diameter in most areas.

- 3" blade depth with double 10-32 retention screws

- TriCree or TriRebel stunt installs with 2500mah 16650 protected cell batteries with 2.1mm hard wired recharge port/kill key. (No switches)

- Leather wrap for grips included (ostrich leather shown on prototypes would be considered slightly extra)


Please Specify LED and Wrap color in Text section below!!



Optional add ons include but are not limited to custom etching for emitter and tsuba and brass pommel for added balance.


Pricing is as follows and shows both regular price and the TSL discount.


Knightfall saber basic: $250 / $225 w/ TSL discount


- all aluminum saber w/ integral pommel, aluminum tsuba and collar. Cowhide leather wrapped grip sections and tri cre/rebel stunt install.


Custom etching: $60 / $54


- to include any and all of the following areas: emitter, tsuba and collar.


-client provided image preferable, exceedingly complex custom design work may incur additional charges


Substitute for Brass Pommel: $50 / $45


- replaces the integral aluminum pommel section of the hilt with a removable brass pommel to further augment the balance or simply add a bit of aesthetic pop.


Exotic leather grip wrap : $35 / $31.50


- replace the standard cowhide leather wrap with a custom colored exotic leather. Ostrich, cayman, Python, cobra or bufo toad are all possible. (Ostrich shown on prototypes in crimson, navy blue and purple)